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What is a Perfusionist?


A Perfusionist is a person, qualified by academic and clinical education, to operate the extracorporeal circulation equipment during any medical situation where it is necessary to support or replace a person's cardiopulmonary, circulatory, or respiratory function. A perfusionist is responsible for the selection of appropriate equipment and techniques necessary for support, treatment, measurement, or supplementation of the cardiopulmonary and circulatory system of a patient, including the safe monitoring, analysis, and treatment of physiologic conditions under an order and under the supervision of a physician. A Certified Clinical Perfusionist (CCP) validates his/her mastery of these clinical skills, knowledge, and abilities through certification and meets ongoing continuing education and practice requirements through recertification.  


2023 MSP Conference
UMass Memorial Medical Center
Worcester MA
October 14th, 2023

The MSP is a non profit corporation dedicated to promoting higher perfusion practice standards and encouraging improvement and cooperation in the health care community through educational conferences.


Mission Statement


The Massachusetts Society of Perfusion is a non profit organization whose mission is to:

  • Promote the use of extra corporeal technology and to assure the highest quality of care is delivered to the general public.

  • Promote higher perfusion practice standards.

  • Encourage education and cooperation within the perfusion/allied health and medical communities by holding educational conferences.

  • Provide information and professional services to the members in the interest of expanded and improved technology.

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